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Wholesale is primarily connected with the retail industry, wholesale purchasing traditionally involves an actual retail space, often referred to as a Brick & Mortar Storefront. For obvious reasons, a store would have the need to buy at a lower price to be able to cover their expenses, while making a profit. However, that tradition is rapidly changing, chiefly because of the internet.

Amazon has made Drop Shipping the newest and most popular wholesaling method. Companies ship directly to their customers, sometimes without ever touching their products.

Wholesale Groups are a second innovative approach to wholesaling. A group of buyers, that want to participate in wholesale pricing discounts, can form a collaborative group. For instance, we have customers that join forces with their friends and family to meet the minimum wholesale order requirements for significant savings. Or professional groups like chiropractors or massage therapists may order many items using their collective buying power. Sign-up today to become a Sunset Hills Partner, join the wholesale group and see how much you could save by buying in bulk.


From 1000 to 5000

Sunset Hills CBD has created a specially formulated CBD Aloe cream that’s unrivaled in superiority at this time. Sunset Hills CBD relies on an innovative and new process that allows them to place up to 10,000mg of CBD (cannabidiol) inside their product using a special and secret technique. Despite the high amounts of CBD, the CBD Super Aloe cream in no way, shape, or form has a greasy or oily texture. It is also fragrance free and extremely long lasting. Putting it on can be a pleasant experience for anyone. This Super CBD Aloe cream can be a huge game-changer. If you apply the Super CBD Aloe cream straight onto a section of your body that feels sore, all you have to do is wait a bit. After a while, your skin and body will feel as good as new. It’s no wonder that this formula has been such a hit in places all around the United States.

“Wholesale? Private Label? White Label? – Let’s do business together.”


Terry Link | Owner & President

I am Terry, Owner & President of Sunset Hills CBD. I founded Sunset Hills CBD based on personal experience. I was suffering for years from muscle pain and nearly had to stop playing golf due to pain. Working with my chiropractor, I discovered the healing power of CBD products. But there are many products out there, that have questionable quality. Together with experts – chiropractors, laboratories, doctors, and patients – we developed our own range of CBD products that we believe are among the best quality CBD products in the market.

Currently, we offer a range of CBD tinctures – both for humans and pets – and CBD Super creams. Sunset Hills CBD is in full control of the production and packaging of these products. This allows us full flexibility and the opportunity to quickly adapt our products to the needs of our customers and business partners.

Driven to help others that suffer from pain, we launched a program to partner with business partners to further distribute our products. We are offering a white label, private label, and a wholesale program. Below are short descriptions of each category with more in-depth information just a click away.

Being in the CBD business, which is experiencing such rapid growth, I’ve come to realize that product labeling and packaging is one of the most important aspects of establishing a successful brand, especially in the competitive CBD market. Personally, I come from a distribution background where the majority of my customers had years of packaging and purchasing experience.

Therefore, we can offer you a turnkey solution. Next to the products, we support you in all questions around distribution, packaging, labeling, and marketing if needed.

The CBD market is one of the fastest-growing markets and will continue to grow. Are you ready to benefit from that opportunity?

I’d love to hear from you and discuss this business opportunity further. Just fill out the form below and I’ll be in touch shortly.

White Label

Interested in selling our CBD products under your own brand and name?

Private Label

Interested in developing your own CBD product and leverage our knowledge and facilities?

The CBD market is a fast growing market


Although CBD has been used as medicine for decades, it wasn’t until recently that it became legal and available for use in the USA.

CBD can be helpful in treating a variety of health problems. It has so many therapeutic uses and more and more people are looking for healthier, natural-ingredient based supplements. Therefore, it is not only likely that CBD products will be around in the future, but that the market is growing rapidly.

Whether you want to resell our Sunset Hills CBD products (Wholesale program), add your own label to our existing CBD products (White Label program), or if you want to create new products for your own brand (Private Label) – talk to us today.

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